Quick and easy breakfast ideas

If you are anything like me, sometimes you just need a quick, easy and possibly all ready to go breakfast. These two recipes are by far my favourite, go to meals when I’m rushing or being lazy in the morning. They both contain a good balance of carbs and proteins to get your day started off just right.

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Green Juice

I travel to London every week.  While I am there I have a tendency to shop at one of the local food shops called Pret A Manger.  They make the most dee~lish juices which I purchase by the handfuls.  Two of my most favourite of favs are the Ginger Shots and Green Juice.  Since I love to try out new stuff, I thought I’d try my hand at replicating the Green Juice one day at home.

Not gonna lie….I think mine is pretty damn close and since I love to share, here is how I made it :D. Enjoy.Read More

Fitness in December

December was without a doubt busy, busy, which is no surprise there.   I decided to take a month off of pretty much everything, well almost everything. My full time flying gig was still pretty much full time……I say pretty much as I broke my finger (long story) so with that and some vacation time, I ended up having the last half of the month off.  Read More