Flying Etiquette 101

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My full time gig (other then being an amazing wife and totally cool mom) is being employed as a Flight Attendant. The majority of the time this is “the” most awesomest job ever but, sometimes you find yourself shaking your head at the human race.  I truly don’t think people have any intentions of travelling and trying to piss off their Flight Attendant or seat mate (well for most people anyway) but rather they are just oblivious to airplane common sense.
I’ve been working a crazy amount lately and thought maybe it would be advantageous to compile a little list of some of the most irksome things that always seem to happen, in hopes that maybe one day the list will make the rounds and then everyone will live gloriously ever after including your Flight Attendants.

#1 – Manners…… These will go a long way for you in any situation. Getting on the plane for instance. See the Flight Attendant standing at the door saying hi to EVERYONE? Yes, that’s right even to you. Please don’t just stare at us and keep walking. This applies to humans of every age…..teach your children to reply back when someone speaks to them. This tip also applies in reverse….when you get off the plane, please say goodbye.

#2 – Luggage….. So you are bringing your rolling bag onto the aircraft, that’s great, however….. Is it heavy? Can you lift it by yourself into the overhead bin? Did you pack your rock collection? (true story, an elderly lady packed her huge-normous rock collection to bring with her on a flight). If you can not lift it, chances are neither can your Flight Attendant and you should really be checking it in.  On the topic of luggage…, you successfully got your bag into the bin but you can’t close it?   If it’s hanging off the edge because it’s too large the bin will not magically close once a Flight Attendant touches it.  We are magical but we aren’t that good. So please check those in too.Read More