Fitness in December

December was without a doubt busy, busy, which is no surprise there.   I decided to take a month off of pretty much everything, well almost everything. My full time flying gig was still pretty much full time……I say pretty much as I broke my finger (long story) so with that and some vacation time, I ended up having the last half of the month off.  

After doing last months challenge my knees were killing me so I decided a short rest was in order.  The short rest turned into the entire month of December.  The pressure of routine and expectations went out the window and really I have mixed feelings on it all.  I wish that I didn’t really have to work at being fit….Probably like the same as everyone.  I wish a high metabolism and genetics worked in my favour.  I wish that I could eat and drink whatever I wanted all the time.  Well, wishing is great but doesn’t get shit done unfortunately.  My body needs to eat well and move or I just end up a few pounds heavier and spinning into an unmotivated spiral.  If I don’t get in some early morning workout my entire day just doesn’t turn out as good as it could be.

Of course this realization only comes after you put your entire lazy month into perspective and turning back the clock is not an option. So, you learn your lesson (again, cause I am a repeat offender) and enter into the next month, planning, motivated and dragging some family members down the fitness path with me.

For January I will be trying out Rudy Mawer’s 90 day Bikini Transformation.  Yup, I am going to commit (shudder) to an entire 90 days and I’m dragging my daughter along for the ride.

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