November – Make Fat Cry Challenge Review

Getting bored with routine I decided to try a different monthly exercise challenges so for the month of November I chose the Make Fat Cry Challenge from Betty Rocker. I can’t really remember where I located this program but I sure glad I did. Not only was it fun but it was FREE.

So the low down on this 30 day challenge in four words….. ALL PROS NO CONS. Yup that’s right, this is one amazing program. How does it work? Betty Rocker will email you daily. In your email you will get the link to that day’s work out, which is all on video. Best part….if you don’t do the short 20mins (or less) workout in 24hrs it disappears which will instil the FOMO factor and you get it done.

These videos are way less boring then just following a piece of paper telling you what exercises to do and WAY more motivating. Just when you feel like you can’t do just ONE.MORE.BURPEE, Betty says something motivating right on cue. Like, seriously!!!! It’s almost as if she is right in your living room.  All the videos can be done at home, or in my case in the hotel room.  Only a few of the videos call for some equipment which we all have lying around the house.

Now to be honest I did miss out on a few of the days but in the end I felt extremely ready to face the day after my daily explosive workouts and lost a few inches in the process. I was so super impressed with Betty’s program that I ended up purchasing the 14day eating plan (super DEE~lish) and the 90day challenge as well.
So I give this program a solid 10 outa 10 on my dumbbell scale! A must do for those time challenged and looking for a good workout.

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