Fitness in December

December was without a doubt busy, busy, which is no surprise there.   I decided to take a month off of pretty much everything, well almost everything. My full time flying gig was still pretty much full time……I say pretty much as I broke my finger (long story) so with that and some vacation time, I ended up having the last half of the month off.  Read More

The struggle is real.  Keeping fit with a busy life.

I’ve been trying different things lately, counting macros, more weights, less cardio, at the end of the day, I get bored….easily…like super fast. So I figured that I would look for some programs I could follow that were quick (4-6 weeks in length) and ones I could do from home or my hotel room (this ensures that I can get them done first thing, no excuses).

So far I’ve got a few really good ones lined up for my first few months and along with these I will do some weight training while I am at home. I’m hoping that that by documenting my journey maybe, I could also help out those that are easily bored like me. So feel free to check back at the end of November when I will be done my first 30 Day Challenge by Betty Rocker.