Green Juice

I travel to London every week.  While I am there I have a tendency to shop at one of the local food shops called Pret A Manger.  They make the most dee~lish juices which I purchase by the handfuls.  Two of my most favourite of favs are the Ginger Shots and Green Juice.  Since I love to try out new stuff, I thought I’d try my hand at replicating the Green Juice one day at home.

Not gonna lie….I think mine is pretty damn close and since I love to share, here is how I made it :D. Enjoy.Read More

Protein Snacks

I am forever searching for quick protein snacks that I can eat on the fly, so I’ve been experimenting with recipes and have gotten a few good ones.  These ones are a little higher in the carb department but they taste great and still packed with protein.

Chocolate Coconut Protein Ballsimg_20160903_073236


~1 cup pitted dates
~1T chia seeds
~3T sweetened flaked coconutRead More